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Image by Martha Dominguez de Gouveia

The World's 1st Hospital Bed to Pivot 90° into a Stand-Assist Chair.


Innovative, pivoting hospital bed that fully supports patients during sitting & standing, reduces patient falls & caregiver injuries. RESBED strives to provide comfort & safety to all patients, in all hospital departments, including bariatrics & ICU.


Stand for Health

Hospitals are safe places for healing, but hospital beds can sometimes compound injury or make it more difficult to heal. RESBED was engineered to aid & shorten the recovery process, not prolong it.

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Hospital Corridor

"RESBED has the global potential to be the most transformational medical device healthcare has seen in my lifetime."

Paul Torres

Chairman of the Board - Emeritus

Biomedical Engineering Society of North America - Industry Advisor

"After seeing the bed in person & experiencing it myself, I can definitely say that RESBED outperforms anything on the market. I'm excited to bring this to our patients."

Braden Anderson

Active CEO of Home Healthcare Group

Former CEO of Hospital Systems

"In my 40 year career, I've seen only a few products that had the unique ability to broadly enhance the way we provide care in our 250 hospitals. RESBED can help caregivers do their job better & be safer while they do it. It can also reduce costs associated with patient falls & staff injuries. To stand a patient safely & to help staff avoid injury are the great benefits I see coming from RESBED."

Jerry McKinney

Former Chief Purchasing Officer at Quorum Healthcare

Senior Director of Equipment Planning at Community Health Systems

"RESBED does everything bariatric patients need during recovery. 

It's a wonderful device, creating great improvements to any hospital or facility that deals with bariatric patients."

Younan Nowzaradan, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Bariatric Surgeon & Weight Loss Physician

TV Personality - "My 600 Pound Life"


Prepare to Pivot

Pressing button #1 transitions patients into the Pivot Position. Pressing button #2 releases seat section, engaging 90° Pivot.

90° Pivot 

The rotating plate manually Pivots 90° left or right, while the bed frame remains stationary. Once pivoted, the Stand Assist Chair can be accessed.

Stand Assist Chair 

Positioning is key to giving a patient reliable stability with minimal caregiver exertion or additional lift equipment. With caregiver assistance, the patient can transition from Full Chair into Stand Assist.

Zero Gravity


NASA Technology, aiding patient recovery. 20 min./day in a Zero Gravity position, is equivalent to the back repair of an 8-10 hour sleep cycle.

Heart & Hands


Alleviates organ pressure & patient sliding, with downward angled Foot Section.

Patient Migration Minimizer 

Narrow, stationary pan between head & seat section. Addresses the burden caregivers face managing conflicting head-of-bed angle & patient sliding. Minimizes patient repositioning by caregiver.

Bluetooth Accessibility

Real time, RESBED, diagnostic status. Most efficient repairs with correct parts.

 Plug & Play Repair Parts


  Simplify hospital bed repairs. Keeping beds in-service with an interchangeable, part specific concept.

Trap & Crash Free Side Rails 

Spring loaded Side Rails release up & down into place. Non-obscuring positioning eliminates trapped lines & tubing.

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Phone: 336-969-7977
Toll Free: 833-4RES-BED

508 W. Kapp St. Dobson, NC 27017


Safety tested with CE mark.

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