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While other hospital beds lie down on the job, RESBED stands up to the challenge.


We didn’t want to just change the hospital bed but rather, reinvent it. RESBED was born from the patient and caregiver experience.  For 18 years Byron Wurdeman listened to patient and caregiver requests for hospital bed features. As opposed to creating “fixes” with intricate operating functions we elected to make the functions SIMPLE.  

What features does your product have that fill a gap in the market?

People may not fully appreciate how different ResBed is until they experience it. We can list the features below, but the benefits from these features is really what will make us the market leader for a long time. These features provide benefits that have never been available before in a hospital bed. Pivoted Features: -Prepare to Pivot -90 Degree Pivot -Stand Assist Chair Bed Features : -Migration Minimizer -Zero Gravity - NASA Technology -Enhanced Cardiovascular Trendelenburg -Non-Trapping and Crash Free Side Rails Engineering Features: -Remote Diagnostics -Plug and Play Repair Parts

What does your company do?

In 2022, you can get to Mars, but it's still difficult to get out of a hospital bed. RESBED has made innovations to the current concept of hospital beds. RESBED pivots a patient 90° (left or right), into a Stand-Assist Chair, reducing secondary injuries to patients and occupational injuries to caregivers. Zero Gravity, Migration Minimizer and Enhanced Cardiovascular Trendelenburg, improve the quality of life and patient recovery process. And it is simple to use.

Who competes with you? What do you understand that they don't?

The closest we have to competition are Hillrom and Stryker, but their focus has been limited to a traditional bed. No doubt they “understand” the pain points of current hospital beds, but they have not made it a priority to implement fundamental solutions to resolve the bed, patient, or caregiver issues. RESBED recognized the need for hospital bed innovation 20 years ago. Our competitor's beds have been the only option until NOW! What we understand more than anyone else is the need to move the bed into different positions, not the patient. What we also understand, is that nurses cannot continue to lift patients out of the bed. RESBED transitions into multiple positions no other bed can reach.

What does serviceability look like?

Remote Diagnostics via LINAK gives real time RESBED diagnostic status. Plug and Play Repair Parts make for effortless and rapid hospital bed repairs, minimizing taking the hospital bed out of service for extended periods of time. Simply run a diagnostic test, find the source of the problem and swap out parts. With a plug and play method the hospital bed stays in service.

What about the mattress?

We have foam and advanced air options that will make this bed even more comfortable. We are not a mattress manufacturer. The mattress options are available for an additional fee. The mattress must come from RESBED's manufacturer to coincide with the unique movements & constrictions of the RESBED hospital frame. We promote other manufactures, with compatible mattresses, to compete to keep prices in check.

How many hospital beds are in the United States?

In the United States there are 1 million hospital beds in 6,000 hospitals. Globally there are nearly 22 Million hospital beds.

Is your technology patented?

Yes, to date RESBED has acquired 13 patents.

What is the minimum order quantity?

1 bed minimum

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