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Hospital Corridor

Introducing your newest hospital employee

Early patient transfers & mobility has been an issue for years. Transferring patients in & out of beds can be the cause of unnecessary pain for hospital staff & patients, causing extended or additional hospital stays.


RESBED is an industry first, fully supporting the patient during transition.

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Many nurses & clinical care teammates experience back/neck problems caused by changing beds or lifting & moving patients. 38% of nurses suffer from chronic back pain & back injuries. Back injuries in nurses are more than 2X that of construction workers. How have we let nurse injuries become an acceptable loss in the healthcare industry? RESBED is the first to prioritize caregivers during the engineering process.

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Recovering in a hospital bed for extended periods often results in bedsores & can compound injury. Pressure ulcers cost $9.1-$11.6 billion per year in the US. 51% of falls occurred getting in and out of a hospital bed. RESBEDs '90° Pivot', 'Stand Assist Chair', 'Zero-G', 'ECT' & 'Migration Minimizer' positions, assisted with the air mattress, greatly reduces pressure ulcers & secondary injury.

ECT - Enhanced Cardiovascular Trendelenb


With RESBED, the patient doesn’t have to switch from bed to chair, minimizing injuries to patients & caregivers while maximizing time,

resources & patient care.

Now there are more position options with the introduction of

'ECT' - Enhanced Cardiovascular Trendelenburg; a more efficient access position than traditional Trendelenburg.

'90° Pivot' & 'Stand Assist Chair' gives more freedom back to patients without compromising nurses' bodies.



RESBED has a max capacity of 700 lbs.

200 lbs more  than current hospital beds in the same class.

 Bariatric patients feel very little comfort or support when it comes to current hospital needs.  Beds on the market today don't accommodate them. RESBEDnot only accommodates bariatric patients, but gives them access to full bed features vs other hospital beds at 500 lbs max capacity with minimal  comfort features.

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Hospital beds aren't meant to be empty because they’re broken. They’re supposed to be empty because patients are healthy & have left the hospital. Every hour a hospital bed is out of service for repair means one less patient a hospital can serve. It is crucial for bio-med staff to quickly & effectively service beds so that patients can be treated in a timely manner. RESBEDs 'Plug & Play' repair parts paired with our 'Bluetooth Diagnostics' create exceptionally fast & efficient service.

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When a hospital bed breaks down that bed is out of commission. It is unable to be used until the biomedical engineer repairs the problem.  Other beds have not been designed for field repair in mind & have spread components under the sleep surface in hard to access places. RESBED is designed for rapid troubleshooting with modular components for super-fast, highly efficient repairs.

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